Great Dane Stud Dogs

Colras A Force 2 B Reckon'd With

Semen Owner Name : Colette Hayes

Semen Owner Email : [email protected]

Semen Owner Phone : 928-201-1259

Website :

Stud's Full Registered Name (including any titles) :

Colras A Force 2 B Reckon'd With

Stud's Call Name : Solo

Stud's AKC Registration # : WS38205102

Stud's Color : Black

Color Testing Results (if any) : Homozygous black

(does not carry fawn/brindle or blue)


CHIC # :

Date of Frozen Collection : 2017

Location of Stored Collection (State/Country) : NV

Available Semen Type : Frozen

Stud's Birthdate : 5-29-11

Stud's Date of Death (if applicable) :

Health Testing Results :

Cardio-Normal, auscultation only


Colors of Bitches Considered : Black, Blue, Brindle, Fawn, Harlequin, Mantle, Merle, Piebald, White