Great Dane Stud Dogs

CH Dark Heaven's Saving the Best for Black

Semen Owner Name: Lori Mowry

Semen Owner Email: [email protected]

Semen Owner Phone: 330-757-8530


Stud's Full Registered Name (including any titles):

CH Dark Heaven's Saving the Best for Black

Stud's Call Name: Jett

Stud's AKC Registration #: WS45274104

Stud's Color: Black

Color Testing Results (if any):

Homozygous Black

No Dilute for Blue

Double Mask Gene



Date of Frozen Collection: 1/6/2018

Location of Stored Collection (State/Country): GA

Available Semen Type: Frozen

Stud's Birthdate: 9/20/2013

Stud's Date of Death (if applicable): 11/2021

Health Testing Results:

OFA Elbows Normal

OFA Thyroid Normal

OFA Hips Fair

Colors of Bitches Considered: Black, Blue, Fawn