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Great Dane Stud Dogs

CH KC Danes Mackenzie River AOM

Semen Owner Name : Kathryn Netser

Semen Owner Email : [email protected]

Semen Owner Phone : 510-299-6960

Website :

Stud's Full Registered Name (including any titles) :

CH KC Danes Mackenzie River AOM

Stud's Call Name : Mack

Stud's AKC Registration # : WS26410602

Stud's Color : Fawn

Color Testing Results (if any) :

AKC DNA # : V570693

CHIC # : 68053

Date of Frozen Collection : 2010

Location of Stored Collection (State/Country) : Oregon/US

Available Semen Type : Frozen

Stud's Birthdate : 6/6/08

Stud's Date of Death (if applicable) : 10/31/17

Health Testing Results :

Cerf - Tested 09

Echo - Normal

Thyroid - Normal

Hips - Fair

Colors of Bitches Considered : Brindle, Fawn